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About Trainz Dot Net

Dear Trainzers,

Welcome to Trainz.net and thank you for stopping by. This site was developed in response to the state of affairs at the N3V Forum community. There has been a worrying trend of tension and hostility including deliberate alienation and estrangement of customers using older versions or are unsatisfied with their current products. Our main goal is to provide a platform where content creation and discussion pertaining to all versions of Trainz are welcomed. Our secondary goal is to provide a robust community that can serve as a continuation of a centralized Trainz community should the need arise. We are completely independent and not in any way affiliated with or accountable to N3V.

This shall be a warm and friendly watering hole where everyone from casual Trainzers to content creators young and old can chill. There are also plenty of exciting new features such as content uploads, personal photo galleries, live chatbox, huge PM allowance, embedded content, post ratings and user reputation systems. You are cordially invited to join us, a Trainz Forum v3.0 if you will. We are committed to providing to all Trainzers a conducive discussion and sharing environment, with lessons learnt from N3V's mistakes and built on the basic principles of tolerance, respect and understanding.

A growing number of well-known content creators have already put their vote of faith in us and we hope to see you round soon.

Warm Regards,
The Trainz.net Team