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Code of Conduct

Welcome to Trainz.net, we wish you a pleasant stay. In the interests of keeping the site warm and well-disposed, we only require you to follow one simple rule:

1. Be Nice.

a) Please do not:

  • post inapproriate, vulgar, hateful, sexual, discriminatory or offensive content.
  • engage in spamming, harassment, flaming, trolling or socially disruptive behavior.
  • discuss piracy or unauthorised sharing of content.
  • use a signature graphic exceeding 800px width, 100px height and 100kb size.
  • discuss moderation decisions in public; send us a PM or email instead.
  • repeatedly request or pester members for items, content and/or services.
  • register multiple accounts; clones will be promptly removed.
B) In the spirit of maintaining member familiarity, you are encouraged to use your Auran Forums username when registering, although this is not required.

With that said, the team wishes to maintain a light touch guidance in the running of this site. We value your participation on Trainz.net and hope that you will join us in striving to keep this place an enjoyable watering hole for Trainzers and content creators alike by being tolerant, engaging and gracious. Thank you for visiting us and have a nice day!