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  2. Who lives on a pineapple under the sea?

  3. Go into the Trainz Content manager, find the asset, click "Open in Explorer" And click said asset, and the config.txt file will be there
  4. renzi

    N&W 382/475

    Dude, add the dependencies pack for these trains, the only one's of these are here so please post the dependencies for it, will you not?
  5. How do i even remove smoke2 i can not even find the config file. Please help
  6. nicky9499

    Quahog Sub

    Do you have a KUID so that I can trace this? They should be all standard JR tracks and 1 modified concrete variant included in depedency pack 02.
  7. k41

    Quahog Sub

    What's the dependency for the tracks? I'm just asking this because I'm missing them for some reason.
  8. I need the dependecies pack for this train! please.
  9. the dependency pack please?
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