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  1. Galston Valley Railway

    A fictional branch line from Hornsby to the Galston Gorge. Based on the Hornsby Model Engineers live steam layout, it's meant to portray the beauty of the Kur-ing-gai Chase National Park. However, it can be used to represent any scenic railway line in NSW. 


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  2. Quahog Sub 4.0 - Additional Dependencies

    This file contains 3 assets that a small number of users have reported missing.
    If your installation is already working you do not need this file.




  3. Quahog Sub

    Seven years after the last update was released, it is with great spirits I present to you v4.0 of Coal County Railroad's Quahog Sub.
    That progress has been slow - to say the least - has been due to evolving priorities and real-world commitments these past few years. What you can download today is a 60KM eastward extension of the line towards the fringes of Quahog City's metropolitan area terminating at McKenzie - a large industrial suburb with an international airport, airfreight and intermodal terminal, metro and commuter train stabling, yards for through and local freights, extensive facilities and a 10-track station that hosts metro, local and regional services to all points on the CCR network. Explore the multilevel junction east of the station where a high density of AI traffic has been setup, or jump onboard one of many AI trains that traverse the high speed 4-track mainline between there and the Eastside Cutoff.
    Along with other improvements to older locations on the route, included is an extension to the Quahog Metro in the downtown core to complete a line between MacFarlane and Union Station. While the full system is still being planned, this is sufficient to ride along or take over the controls for an eight-stop stretch in both directions.
    For maps and screenshots, please visit this thread:
    Although the route thus far has been developed on TS12 build 49922 and is officially supported as such, all of the dependencies have been updated to meet SP1 61388. Immediate plans for the route is for a full migration to TS19, skipping TANE entirely, before any further extension. Hopefully this can be complete before Thanksgiving.
    You will need these dependencies for TS12 49922:
    QHG40_deps01.cdp QHG40_deps02.cdp An additional file is needed for dependencies updated for TS12 61388. These are not backward compatible with 49922.
    QHG40_deps_SP1.cdp They are temporarily hosted externally to manage availability due to their large sizes. All remaining dependencies are on the DLS; both route and base session should be fed through the download manager to ensure that it captures all required assets. If a conflict arises, the CDP files take priority and are the only versions guaranteed and tested to work without any issues.
    I hope you'll enjoy this new part of the Coal County Railroad and I look forward to building it further out in both directions (and at a faster pace!).




  4. TFM Staging Module Westend 2 track

    Staging Module for the Trainz.net Free-Module group.  This is a Westend staging module, so it is to be connected to the west end of another module.  Each of the five tracks is capable of holding 150 cars plus 4 locomotives.  You will need the Jointed Rail Safetran Signals avalaible om their website:  jointedrail.com
    This module may only be used in a modular layout/route uploaded to Trainz.net and with credit given to the creator (TJ Weber)




  5. TFM Standards (Single Track)

    For those that are interested in the Free-mod group that is in the works.  A small 2 baseboard route for a guideline for what your route should look like at the end of the module to match up with other users modules.  This is the single track version.  You will need the JR's Safetran signals for this to work. 




  6. TFM Standards

    For those that are interested in the Free-mod group that is in the works.  A small 2 baseboard route for a guideline for what your route should look like at the end of the module to match up with other users modules.  You will need JR's Safetran signals for this route to work.




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