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  1. Mnrr.6131

    N&W 382/475

    Version 1.0.0


    Trainz Pro Routes Download Depot was recently shut down. So im putting the duo back up on the interwebs. THESE WILL ONLY WORK UP TO TRAINZ 12/ANE. WILL NOT WORK IN TRAINZ 2019.
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  2. nicky9499

    Quahog Sub

    Version 4.0


    Seven years after the last update was released, it is with great spirits I present to you v4.0 of Coal County Railroad's Quahog Sub. That progress has been slow - to say the least - has been due to evolving priorities and real-world commitments these past few years. What you can download today is a 60KM eastward extension of the line towards the fringes of Quahog City's metropolitan area terminating at McKenzie - a large industrial suburb with an international airport, airfreight and intermodal terminal, metro and commuter train stabling, yards for through and local freights, extensive fa
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