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  1. Everybody grab their tinfoil hats

    1. atsf854


      ok done gone up and grabbend me sum of those tin foil hats u see. off I go to conspiracy landXDDDDDDDD oh well u kno how it is thes days. aREA 51!!!!!!!! her e is my tinfoiul hatr and I lov it!!!!!!!!XD

  2. Thanks guys! Whitepass, as far as the mesh issues, I can't fix those since these skins are on Fitz505's model. So far I'm not supporting T:ANE whatsoever. Sorry guys, but y'all are on your own if you want these in T:ANE. Right now I'm prepping another rolling stock pack to go up in the next few days, pending permissions and such.
  3. Version Beta


    A pack of 38ft tank cars lettered for various owners. These were commonly seen anywhere from their inception in the 1920's up until the late 70's. Please note, this is a preliminary beta release.
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